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Help center >Tojto Policies >Return Policy

Return Policy Return Policy

In which situation we accept the return

We guarantee all of our products against material and workmanship defects within the warranty period. But when follow situation happend, we accept return policy 1. the product have quality problem. It can not work once you receive it or it encounter crash in delivery causing you can not use it..we can offer you an exchange, repair service, or new components for replacement. We will be responsible for all shipping fees. 2.If you order wrong item by yourself, Did not want it any more (not quality problem), Which can be returned within 14 days of receiving your order. But you need to pay for the return back shipping fee. 3.You order a wrong item and negotiate with our customer service to exchange for a right product, this exchange policy is also for you. But you need pay the shipping cost to us as well as return to you. 4.If we send you the wrong item, you can send it back to us to change a right one, and we will responsible for all shipping fee

In which situation we do not accept the return

If the item is damaged by yourself, we can not provide exchange service for you. But you can return for repair, and you also need to pay for the returm back shipping fee.

Where to send the item back

1.You did not need send the item back to China, US customers can arrange a pickup by USPS at the specified address; European customers can return their products to our European warehouse. 2.But Before you return items to us, please read and follow the below instructions. You need contact our customer service to tell us your problem. What's wrong with your item and what you want us to do for you, Once you send it back to us, please offer us the tracking number, so that we can check it.

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