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Help center >Other Business >Looking for factory

Looking for factory

     Tojto aims to organize overseas selling of factory’s products using omnichannel system and helps factory find better solution for transport, custom clearance and logistics service.

Tojto is to

- Build and manage an amazon shop for the factory in the US market.
- Open up and manage e-commerce for OEM and small B2B orders in the US.
- Find new OEM order in different countries of the world.
- Find partners in the US and other countries across the world.
- Set up a social system support by using Face book, Twitter, and Blog accounts to promote the factory brand, improve the product quality and increase the sales.

Factory is to

- Produce products according to the order from Tojto.
- Send goods to overseas warehouse following request of Tojto.
- Cover expense of transport and custom clearance of his goods.
- Pay for Tojto as soon as product is sold.

Tojto and Factory discuss together the following matters:

- From which country to start sales?
- Which channels should be used?
- How to decide the price in oversea market?

Factory should pay Tojto a service fee of RMB 200.000 yuan per year plus a commission of 10% of the sales profit.

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