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Information centre >News >Amoy of the direct trade and Mas e WTP

Information centre

Information centre

Amoy of the direct trade and Mas e WTP

Time:2017-03-20 04:42:56

In March 2016, Ma proposed the e-WTP (Electronic World Trade Platform) at the Boao Forum for Asia, a new platform concept. Ma why say this? Is that business is not big enough to make money is not enough? Or Ma saw ordinary people have never seen the opportunity.

Mentions e-WTP, it does not open a word, global direct trade. If you want to explain e-WTP and direct trade, you may want to start from 1957.

1957 Canton Fair, China began in the domestic Guangzhou stall, twice a year, hugging the world's buyers, which is the country's large market.

In 1997, China opened the era of e-commerce, with Ali and other companies, so we stall online, to the price, price, lure global buyers.

And before the trade of 2016, no matter which side to say, it is also a large market. Whether it is placed on the ground or on the Internet, it is a traditional trade, and China has not learned that year the United Kingdom in the global bargaining power, did not comprehend the French glass business in the global pricing power.

Trade since 1957, China's bargaining power is getting lower and lower, that is, profits are getting thinner, and now there is growth in growth atrophy. China in order to participate in the WTO, from 1992 to start negotiations, spent nine years, 2001 formal WTO, fifteen years have passed. We found that China's dependence on foreign trade from the lowest 9.8% to the highest 63.9%, now reduced to 45%, it seems that China's future or rely on the world to develop.

Although China is the world's second largest economy, but we do business is very narrow areas, and these areas have also produced a sense of fatigue, so China's recent foreign trade began to growth atrophy. But think about it, the world has 191 countries, our breadth of foreign trade is certainly not enough, and the depth would not have said. At this time, Ma proposed e-WTP is to break through all the existing global obstacles, so that enterprises through the electronic platform free trade. No doubt highlights the different natural talent Ma, insight into the power of the strong, almost close to God.

Coincidentally, there is a person's idea and Ma's idea of ​​similarities, but he is more real. When Ma said that e-WTP, he has been doing GTSS (Global Trading Service System) work, and this system is referred to as the global direct trade. Tao Xingquan founded in Hangzhou, Hangzhou Amoy through Electronic Commerce Limited, is to achieve his dream, the company mainly to do three things.

First, to solve China 's cross - border electricity online. We can not underestimate this, China's cross-border electricity business has more than 40 million, but every day in the wall, really solve the problem, or very scary.

Second, to solve China's cross-border electricity business global resource matching problem. As if they are engaged in a "cross" things, this stuff seems to be related to artificial intelligence, so that China's cross-border electric business before going abroad, to know what the country to sell, sell to what, to what Price to sell

Third, Amoy is the most clear place for the Chinese cross-border electricity providers to provide eight basic services (specific content, it seems still in the confidential stage), one-stop solution to the global cross-border electricity business issues, providing critical services The

China is an export-oriented economy, the domestic consumption capacity can not digest the domestic production capacity, China's future economy to rely on the world. The global direct sales, manufacturers direct sales, is to solve the most simple and crude overcapacity method.

1989, Tim Berners-Lee said to have light, this world appeared on the Internet light.

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