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Information centre >News >Amoy pass: the global battlefield and then add a weapon

Information centre

Information centre

Amoy pass: the global battlefield and then add a weapon

Time:2017-03-15 00:43:39

Innovative business, sympathetic

         February 20, 2017, from the Pakistan GetGroup Group President Iqbal Akhtar Hssain and his assistant Mr. Yuan came to the TOJTO Hangzhou Amoy through Electronic Commerce Limited (hereinafter: TOJTO Amoy pass), and my company founder Taoxing Quan new Project cooperation to discuss. GetGroup Group business wide, operating real estate, LED lighting, clothing, IT and other industries for many years, this time to TOJTO Amoy through the company's visit and understanding of the company's F2C business model is very recognized, hope that the future with TOJTO Amoy The company reached a long-term strategic cooperation.

(From left to right, the picture shows GetGroup Group Assistant President Mr. Yuan, President Iqbal, TOJTO President Tao Xingquan and his assistant Megan)


[Socialized business platform and cross-border electric business platform wisdom spark]

        Iqbal reason for the F2C model have a great interest, because F2C is different from the previous B2C, B2B, C2C and other models, is the future development trend of cross-border trade. President TAO Xingquan elaborated to Iqbal about the core concept of the F2C (Factory to country) model: the factory went straight to overseas countries. The Chinese factory goods first stored in the TOJTO Amoy through the overseas warehouse, the complex cross-border trade into a simplified version of the domestic trade. Iqbal said that this new model will break through the traditional structure, for the majority of the trade enterprises to provide a broader and more convenient cross-border electricity business eco-service platform.


After the meeting, Iqbal introduced the core concept of GetGroup Group - technology to promote human development. At the same time GetGroup developed a new project: socialization of electricity, is the domestic large-scale Internet shopping platform and social platform to make the perfect combination, copied to Pakistan, for people to bring a subversive concept.

(Pictured by GetGroup Group President Iqbal and TOJTO President TAO Xingquan)


        In the discussion, Iqbal detailed explanation of the specific implementation of this model: the platform for people to provide convenient living counseling services at the same time, or a large social platform, on the platform by forwarding, such as social behavior, To honor or exchange the real income of the kind. In this way, the GetGroup group's model coincides with the F2C model of TOJTO, which is to provide more convenient services to simplify people's lives and transactions.


(Figure GetGroup part of the business)

【Strategic cooperation, aiming to do】

         GetGroup Group's business in Pakistan, the local market demand and share of the growing, as the upcoming strategic partners in Pakistan to set up overseas warehouses and home mall will be TOJTO scouring company on the agenda. The two sides on each other's business strategy plan in detail after the talks, to further deepen mutual trust, for each other's future business cooperation laid a solid foundation.

We TOJTO Hirohito sincere hope and GetGroup Group's president Iqbal go hand in hand, together to write a new Internet + cross-border trade innovation chapter for the global trade to bring a leap forward.

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