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Information centre >News >China accession to the WTO for 15 years

Information centre

Information centre

China accession to the WTO for 15 years

Time:2017-03-20 04:41:43

China's accession to the WTO 15 years, a historic project demonstration will be held in Hangzhou


Fifteen years ago, on December 11, 2001, China formally joined the World Trade Organization (WTO), opening up a new era of China's economic integration into the global economy.

Fifteen years later on December 11, 2016, the world economy faced many challenges in the critical period, as well as a historic project demonstration seminar held in Hangzhou. What kind of meeting is this in the end? What kind of project has attracted from the Zhejiang University, foreign trade, Fudan University, Nankai, Xiamen University and other elite big bank economists and industry big brother, government leaders gathered meeting? What is the direct and far-reaching impact of this project on China's global trade?

Traditional trade faces challenges and calls for new cross-border business access


After fifteen years of development, China has become the world's second largest economy, the Chinese people's life has begun to undergo a huge change. Chinese people have been accustomed to using the US Apple phone, the Japanese toilet cover, the German car, enjoy the tropical fruits from Southeast Asia, South America's livestock products ... ... Similarly, China's products are also global, Huawei, ZTE, Haier Refrigerator, Yiwu small commodity ... ... everywhere may encounter made in china.

Foreign trade has changed people's lives, as economist Mankun said, trade makes people's lives better. Then, the world economic development is facing many uncertainties, the trade environment is also facing severe challenges. China's foreign trade in 2015, the dependence on foreign trade is 48.2%, but after an expert study is expected in 2016 may fall to 42%, compared to the highest value of 78%, down nearly 30%. The decline in total exports and growth has brought great resistance to China's economic development. Although the government and enterprises are looking for ways to restore growth, but the future development of China's foreign economy to a large extent need to rely on global economic development is an indisputable fact.

Countries and enterprises are trying to solve the stagnation of China's economy, and the opening of the Chinese economy had to breathe with the global economy, a total pulse. If you do not solve this problem, it is difficult to achieve China's strategic layout in the world. National distribution "along the way", ADB, RMB to join SDR, are to let China to the world, so that Chinese products to the world, so that Chinese enterprises can quickly adapt and flexible use of globalization.


Chinese enterprises to conduct global trade, through the network access or offline entities to support. As the connection between China's network and trade point is not a very stable and smooth situation, China's enterprises to cross-border business by some obstacles. Therefore, both the output of our products, or foreign purchases of Chinese products, need to build a fast and stable flow of the network path.

So, a great project was born!

Yes, that's the F2C (Factory to Country) project!



Repeat three

This great project is Amway through the cross-border commercial F2C project!

This great project is Amway through the cross-border commercial F2C project!

This great project is Amway through the cross-border commercial F2C project!



For the survival of the Amoy pass, experts how to see?


Amway through the cross-border commercial F2C project, the purpose is to create efficient and high-speed online cross-border business channels and cross-border cross-border business channels for China's cross-border commercial enterprises to provide better services.

At the project demonstration ceremony on December 11, Mr. Taoxing Quan, founder of Hangzhou Taoyuan Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd., thanked academics, industry leaders and government leaders for participating in the project demonstration. Subsequently, Dr. DENG Shaohua of Amoy Chitong conducted a brief but comprehensive introduction to the project.

Experts, big guys have heard after a lively discussion and exchange. So, in the end Amoy through the project how? What is the business outlook? Let's take a look at the experts' opinions.


Professor Ma Shizhong, vice president of the Institute of International Business, and vice director of the Department of International Economics, said: "What is the source of the most enduring core competitiveness of a company? Is the big data" In his view, Amoy through this project using a more mature technology system, especially VPN cross-border direct connection, to domestic and foreign, online and offline seamless integration, an effective solution to the network data delay and data packet loss Problem, is set centralized and control as one of the supply chain management technology, cross-border network projects.


Professor Li Kunwang, editor-in-chief of Nankai University Economic Research, Nankai University, said: "China is now more private enterprises in foreign trade than foreign-funded enterprises, has gradually become the largest export impetus," he said Amoy through this project is to promote And promote foreign trade, expand the scale of export trade a good innovation to explore.

Fudan University World Economic Research Institute, deputy director of Professor Shen Guobing pointed out that "not only to sell Chinese products, but also to use cross-border mergers and acquisitions platform to provide opportunities for Amoy pass", he believes that Amoy not only in the import and export as much as, In the future of China's global strategic layout can seize the opportunity to achieve great ideals.

Professor Chen Jin, Director of the Center for Financial Technology and Technology at the University of International Business and Economics, is the founder of the China Securities Regulatory Commission and the national e-commerce model city. He said: "This project can be divided into industry Development factors, is the direction of national development, not only has a macro-level national strategic significance, at the same time in the micro level has great business prospects, with great room for development. "

Professor Peng Shuijun, director of the Department of International Economics and Trade of Xiamen University, also believes that the concept and thinking of this project is very good. He also suggested that the next step should be to further optimize the design and technical details for better market feedback and development The


After a lively discussion, the participating experts conducted a closed-door review. Professor Ma Shizhong as proof of the expert group leader read out the results of the argument. It is agreed that Amway Environment is a great prospect and is a project with both national strategic significance and great commercial value.


In addition to these prestigious academics, the industry and government officials from Shandong and Jiangxi also attended the meeting. Has a keen business sense of smell of Shandong Rizhao Logistics Association, chairman of Shandong Huaxin Group, Shandong Foreign Language Vocational College Chairman Bai Wenhui and other well-known entrepreneurs also participated in the meeting.


Project set sail, the first to achieve a small target


The meeting was elected on December 11, Mr. Taoxing Quan founder Mr. Tao Xingquan that this day is not only an anniversary of the development of private enterprises in China - because the day of 1980, Wenzhou, 19-year-old girl Zhang Huamei received a The special business license No. 10101, is China's economic innovation, an open milestone - 2001 this day China officially joined the World Trade Organization.

The demonstration of the project will mark the official launch of the project, for her future, the pioneer of the pioneer Tao Xingquan - from Yiwu to do the trade group started the second successful entrepreneur, Peking University Guanghua School of Management Master graduate Born with a series of small goals:


1. The total investment of the project is RMB 300 million. The investment of the first phase will be about RMB 30 million. The five years will generate over RMB 5 billion in operating income and exceed 10 billion economic benefits, which will promote the promotion of international trade online trading at least 10 %

2. It is expected that the five-year project will expand the scope of cross-border commercial VPN connections to at least 100 countries or regions, including developed countries and regions, emerging countries and regions, developing countries and regions, and will form a country-based Global Cross - Border Business Big Data Search Engine.

3. The project is expected to be able to convene about 6 million domestic customers and hundreds of foreign cooperation agencies within five years.

4. Amoy environment through the project will use China Telecom, China Unicom and mobile structures to build international network data communication path, build Amway cross-border commercial VPN overseas system, Amoy cross-border cross-border business VPN overseas branch will be with Amoy through F2C China Trade City opened and increased, is expected to reach 100 within five years.

5. The project will promote employment in the locality and will drive the development of IT, manufacturing, electronic equipment, services and large data industries in five years and promote tens of thousands of jobs in the surrounding industries.


Next, Tao Xingquan founder Tao Xingquan will also go to Beijing, visit Tsinghua University, Peking University, China National Bank, China and the global think tank and other experts to continue to learn from the project development.

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