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Information centre >News >Mexico International Machine Tool Show

Information centre

Information centre

Mexico International Machine Tool Show

Time:2017-03-15 00:40:54

So far has been successfully held the fifteenth session of the Mexican International Machine Tool Exhibition, is organized by the Mexican Machinery Dealers Association of large international professional exhibition, very influential in Mexico. The last machine tool attracted 260 exhibitors from 15 countries and regions in Mexico to showcase their latest product technology and machinery, namely: Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China (including Taiwan, China) Korea, Spain, the United States, India, Japan, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Mexico and other countries and regions, the number of visitors reached 11221 people.

From the annual increase in the number of exhibitors and visitors, "2017 Mexico City Mexico City International Machine Tool Exhibition" has become the country's machine tool manufacturers and traders to open up the ideal platform for Mexico and South America market.


【New model "burst" show

        In the era of "Internet +", Amway opened up a new trade model - we call it F2C (Factory to country), is the international trade into a global trade in various countries, to build online + Line, wholesale + retail, distribution + self-employed diversified foreign trade sales channels.

"We are the starting point for innovation and trade, is to stand the height of the whole Chinese enterprises, to break the traditional trade pattern, to help China create market development, the achievements of the brand, to enhance the performance of the local resources to achieve the local resources, To enhance the brand's competitiveness in the local market and rooted in the local. "Mr. Tao Xingquan after the introduction of the various countries of the trade enterprises have expressed a high degree of cooperation in the country, Intention to join our global partner program.


At home and abroad

        Mr. Tao was originally just to go with the Mexican friends to visit the exhibition, and after the exchange with the various entrepreneurs, a number of domestic leading enterprises to the Amoy threw out the cooperation of the olive branch. There are hydraulic pneumatic seals industry stealth champion enterprises, but also Taizhou region machinery industry stealth champion, as well as China's super-hard tool industry leader in the enterprise, more national technology leading professional CNC system suppliers and so on.

       Through the exchange of the exhibition, both sides are looking forward to each other to the advantages of integration, expansion, the weaknesses to close, narrow, in order to maximize the benefits.

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