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Information centre >News >Tao Xingquan Jiangxi Shangrao teaching, provincial party committee book

Information centre

Information centre

Tao Xingquan Jiangxi Shangrao teaching, provincial party committee book

Time:2017-03-20 04:40:20

Tao Xingquan Jiangxi Shangrao teaching, the provincial party committee secretary to observe the scene


Tao Xingquan as a successful cross-border business entrepreneurs to a poor county to teach his successful experience, hoping to make China's future youth to be inspired to get rich road.

Shangrao, the ancient name of the letter, named after the "mountain Yu rare, superior fertile", known as the rich reputation of the land. But it happens to be a poor county.

It is said that under the leadership of the provincial government and the county government, Shangrao vigorously develop network operators, electricity providers and rural by-products, next year will take off the hat of poor counties. Shangrao in order to improve the local product sales situation, hereby established a commercial base, Tao Xingquan class will be carried out in this base.


After listening to the students are 00, they listen to Tao Xing full talk about cross-border electricity business, the two hazy. I know that they may not understand or listen to information about cross-border commerce for the first time, such as the countries mentioned in the speech, they may only have been heard at the time of the Olympics. The following students can not help but make a wide range of cross-border business coverage of emotion. Tao Xingquan then carefully introduced his two companies - Amoy pass and Amanda.


Tao Xingquan Shangrao this land out of the successful people. The land raised him, he succeeded, and wanted to return to this land to return this place where he had raised him.


He brought the most advanced projects back to Shangrao, this project is the global cross-border electricity business public service platform. He hoped that this project can bring development for Shangrao, to facilitate the sale of the products of the folks.


As the saying goes, no clever not a book. Tao Xingquan in the teaching, the Jiangxi provincial party committee secretary to the scene to observe. You are not wrong, is the provincial party secretary. Tao Xingquan is a relatively pure and pure people, the provincial party committee secretary came to the scene, he did not interrupt the classroom but continue to teach students, hoping to cross the spirit of business and hope to convey to every student. This may be an entrepreneurial attachment, perhaps this is where he succeeds.

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