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Information centre >News >Ten thousand angel investment, he only took two minutes to brush a face

Information centre

Information centre

Ten thousand angel investment, he only took two minutes to brush a face

Time:2017-03-20 04:45:45

I hope that one day Amway will be able to become at least ten billion dollars of Internet companies. "

When he met Tao Xingquan, the founder of "Amnestra", he told us with confidence that he would expect the future of "Amoy". Nine years to join the field of foreign trade in the field of Tao Xing, talking about his "second cause" is still just as the original venture when the full of enthusiasm and morale.

In April 2016, jokingly said he was "from Yiwu immigrants to Hangzhou," Tao Xingquan and friends chat, in two minutes to get a million angel investment, he said he was "brush face."

Two minutes, by brush face to get ten thousand angel investment

"When talking to friends and classmates, I came to Hangzhou to create one such company, and in two minutes there were several people asking for money."

Said "Amoy pass" is relying on Tao Xingquan "brush face" to get tens of thousands of angel investment, is not an exaggeration. No business plan, no professional financing team, Tao Xing all relying on their years of industry reputation, for their new company received tens of millions of angel investment.

Although Tao Xingquan first venture has achieved the freedom of funds, the cause of stability, and family harmony, children are full, but in Hangzhou rented a single room, everything intimate, bent on the company just want better talent, bent on building Better cross-border e-commerce service platform to serve more businesses; office is the conference room, every day will never finish and deal with endless mail. Perhaps, investors are fancy Taoxing whole body under the heart of the second business determination, but also based on the success of the first venture, they feel the need to support him, will be in two minutes on the next decision to invest "Amoy pass".

Cross - border electricity service platform

"Traditional foreign trade transactions, intermediate links are very many, from the factory to the trading company, to the importers, wholesalers, distributors, physical stores, and then to the C side of the consumer, the middle to go through a long time, leading to the supplier's Profit margins are very small. "

Well aware of the traditional foreign trade company pain point of Tao Xingquan, determined to change this state, he hoped that through the transformation and upgrading of the company, from traders into trade service providers or a trade service platform to serve a large number of traders, Big profit margins. This is the current "Amoy Road" is doing things.

"In the past, the seller had 80% of the time to do the packaging delivery, processing pictures, upload products of these complex things; through our platform, the seller can have 95% of the time to sell, he only need to come up with 5% Time to communicate with our staff. "

In the "Amoy pass" cross-border electricity service platform, the seller to do is to sell goods and store management. This will not only save time to improve efficiency, but also enhance the seller's profit margins. In this platform, the seller do not have to worry about the flow of funds, there will be no inventory of the problem. Platform to help sellers to dock the massive platform, such as the four major platforms, eBay, Amazon, Wish, quick sell through.

If these platforms are docked buyers and sellers of the third party platform, then "Amoy pass" is the fourth party platform, it does not participate in specific trade, it is doing the service.

A key distribution, distribution worldwide

Each partner, including suppliers, sellers on the platform, logistics partners, overseas warehouses, C-side consumers, and so on, also provide information on the cross-border electricity providers' service platform services. Corresponding to the language, intellectual property, operation and management services.

The Chinese industry interface, so that suppliers, sellers, buyers, cross-border logistics can be found on the platform of their own positioning and demand; powerful and powerful; System management, unified background management, orders, billing, logistics and other information at a glance to help businesses simplify the complex day-to-day management; professional cross-border operations team, the real business time, peace of mind, peace of mind; simple and clear registration process, registration Certification can be completed on the shelves of products, management of goods and orders.

"A generation of hair, a key distribution, distribution of the world."

The Chinese suppliers of goods sent to the world, the future really in addition to China's domestic market, the global market as a cross-border trade service platform, which is "Amoy pass" goal.


At present, "Amoy Road" has more than 500 million kinds of goods, all over the world more than 200 countries and regions; future unlimited!

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